Janubio: where nature and work go hand in hand

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  Duration: 2h 30m

  At sunset, The coast, Environmental Education, Connect with Lanzarote

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Janubio: where nature and work go hand in hand

A tribute to the people of Lanzarote

I invite you to an exciting family walk at sunset through the Janubio area, where natural beauty combines with the history and traditions of Lanzarote.

The women have been the ones who spent entire days in the salt pans while the men spent months fishing. Women and children were in charge of having the “white gold” ready for the moment when the men arrived ashore with their boats full of fish.

Hard work, enduring the heat, the wind and the few rains; manual work from its collection to its drying process.

Discover what the work of the salt pans in Lanzarote was and is like. Also marvel at the landscapes dotted with golden tones as you discover the diversity of plants and animals that inhabit this unique ecosystem.

An adventure for the whole family, full of learning and wonder.

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From the meeting point we approach the old salt flats discovering their origins and how they work. Here we will talk about women rol in the salt pans

Strolling along the seashore we learn about the natural heritage of the environment until we approach the area of ​​the disappeared port of Janubio from where we arrive at one of the lime kilns in this area.

It is here where we will enjoy the beauty of the area, with a panoramic view from above: the salt flats, the beach, the ocean, the volcanoes, the lagoon and the mills.

All these elements fill this unique experience with magic.

Keep on enjoying Lanzarote

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