Getaway in Nature

Three hiking routes to know different aspects of the landscape in Lanzarote: geology, nature and traditions.

If you visit Lanzarote for only few days and you want to enjoy the island in a different way, in contact with nature, then here is the program for you.

The Fenauso valley

An ancient geological formation of great ethnographic interest in the south of Lanzarote. FThis route begins from the town of Yaiza and it will make you discover the largest valley on the island: a 4-hour route where we will discover «casas hondas» (deep houses, the places where indigineous population used to live in) and old paths, learning about the life of the ancient inhabitants of Lanzarote.

Montaña Blanca (The White Mountain)

Instagram and social networks have made a part of this route fashionable: the fissure. But Montaña Blanca is much more than this: it is one of the highest peaks in Lanzarote, cisterns and water channels were built here to supply the town of Tías, and here there are also engravings from the pre-Hispanic era.

Old quarries

Today they look like completely abandoned places, but they have been extraction points for rofe (or lapilli). This extracted land was then used in construction or agriculture. Since the declaration of Protected Natural Areas, its extraction is regulated and controlled.

Today we still have cinema landscapes, often used to turn movies or serials, but they are still places of great ethnographic interest.

These are activities designed exclusively for you; it is you who decide the dates you want to do them.

The price for the 3 activities is:

180€ up to 2 persons

290€ up to 4 persons

450€ up to 6 persons

Discover Lanzarote with these three routes especially designed for you

Accreditation of the Biosphere distinction

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