Guia En Lanzarote and sustainibility

Here you will see each of the actions carried out to turn Guia En Lanzarote into a truly sustainable company, with facts and not just with words.

During one of the walks through El Cuervo we have collected garbage that was on the ground, trying to clean this area, a Natural Park, one of the protected areas of Lanzarote

Some of the proposed routes end with a stop at small shops so that customers can discover (and buy) the typical products of Lanzarote.

Since 2023 we analyze our carbon footprint in the journeys we make to get to the meeting point and start the activity.

In this link you will see our calculations always updated.

When you take part in our routes and bring some fruit with you, we ask for the skin of it and then compost at home for our garden.

In a composting bin we gather organic waste with quality soil and remains of leaves and branches. Here we wait for the time necessary for the microorganisms to do their work and transform this mixture into fertilizer for our garden.