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Two different routes to discover two of the vineyards areas of Lanzarote.

  1. La Geria: unique landscape resulting from the devastation. Entire towns and grain fields were completely buried under the black ash of the volcanoes. Only the great courage and adaptability of the peasants of Lanzarote made it possible to transform this desolate landscape into something unique in the world, today a Protected Landscape due to its uniqueness and beauty.

2. The beginnings of the vine. The devastation caused by the eruptions of Timanfaya gave way to a great attitude of resilience of the population of Lanzarote. The enormous effort of transforming those lava flows into fertile land gave the island’s peasants a well-deserved reward.

History and Nature

Routes around different places to discover the past of Lanzarote.

  1. Looking for the white gold. The union and collaboration of all family members made it possible for the fishing and salt industry to be important for the economy of the entire island. Ingenuity is born from necessity, and with the few materials that the land offered, the saltpans masters knew how to build some sa that were the benchmark for the entire archipelago.
  2. Where everything began. The Massif of Los Ajaches represents the origins of Lanzarote in many ways: a) it was the first block to emerge from the bottom of the ocean; b) the Conquest of the Canary Islands began here and the first city of the modern era was built; c) it is the emblem of the most touristic Lanzarote because of the Papagayo beaches.
  3. The energy of volcanoes. Destruction can sometimes bring new life. This is what happened in the environment we visited with this activity. An environment that charges you with positive energy and makes us understand at the same time the destructive force of nature.

Greenest area of Lanzarote

Two routes in the north of the island to discover the area with more endemic vegetation of Lanzarote.

  1. Endemic vegetation and movie landscapes. Something unexpected on the island that will leave you in awe. The north of the island is home to hundreds of endemic and native species and you will be surprised to see so much green on the island of volcanoes.
  2. Landscapes of Lanzarote. An easy interpreted route to discover the endemic and native flora of the island. An educational activity in the middle of nature.

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Accreditation of the Biosphere distinction

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