Soustainable activities

A part from the hiking experiences, I also organize special activities to make participants get in touch with the culture and traditions of the island and let him/her better know its landscapes.

Lanzarote and the water culture

An historical need

Lanzarote is a very arid land. Its inhabitants have always looked for ways to supply themselves with water and to be able to cultivate.

Wells, cisterns, aqueducts or galleries are some of the structures used to collect water throughout history.

The activity

This activity takes places in 2 days:

Famara. Looking for the water galleries built in the Famara Massif in order to be able to bring water to Arrecife.

Nazaret Here an aqueduct was built to supply water to the capital city.


The activity has 2 different parts that you can do on the same day, or in different days.

Both routes are easy and each of them lasting for approximately 2 hours.


With these two routes you will discover how the population of Lanzarote has always tried to find a solution to the lack of water: ingenuity and human effort to survive. 

On the first route , we go to the northeast coast of the island to see how, already during 40s of the last century, an attempt was made to use the water from one of the aquifers in the area with the construction of galleries in the Famara cliffs. In the second experience of this adventure we will see how they tried to continue with the idea of ​​taking the water from these galleries to the capital, building an aqueduct and canals that cross the center of the island.

From 70€ per persons

The history of Lanzarote through its landscapes

What it is

A project including different activities to let you discover the history of Lanzarote through the evolution of its landscales.

How it works

Soon I will indicate the dates of all the activities.


There will be different activities during several months.


Very soon I will inform you about dates, prices, how to book, and availibility.

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Accreditation of the Biosphere distinction

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