Special events

Here you will find those special experiences organized at certain times of the year to delve into certain topics, get to know some places better and discover the nature of Lanzarote.


There are certain places in Lanzarote that have become fashionable thanks to social networks. Influencers come to these unusual corners of the island, take one or more photos, upload them to the networks and often do not know the history of the place or the origin of what they are photographing.

With these activities I want to show you what is beyond the photos: the history of the place, its relationship with the island’s society. Only by knowing can we begin to respect the place.

Reservations will be made through the Activa Canarias platform, the association of Active Tourism companies of the Canary Islands to which I belong.

What the influencers have decided to call «Stratified City» is actually what we ecolandlovers call «rofera», a quarry. Behind what you see at the entrance of this place, there is a lot of vegetation and a lot of history.

DATES: 28th January – 13th February – 5th March – 18th October 2023

A fissure in the side of one of the volcanoes in the south of Lanzarote. Nothing to do with the canyons as the influencers say. This fissure bears witness to the need to supply water to an island where this resource is conspicuous by its absence.

DATES: 5th and 25th February – 26th March – 3rd November 2023

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Accreditation of the Biosphere distinction

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