Caldera Blanca: hiking in search of tranquility and wild beauty in Lanzarote

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Caldera Blanca: hiking in search of tranquility and wild beauty in Lanzarote

Volcanoes and eruptions in Lanzarote

Immerse yourself in an incredible experience through the volcanic landscapes of Caldera Blanca. Walking among lava and ashes and feeling the energy of the earth will connect you with the essence of Lanzarote.

Enjoy the experience and the views from the top of Caldera Blanca and discover how the inhabitants of Lanzarote lived during the Timanfaya eruptions: their fears, their emotions, their desire to start over after the disaster.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the environment while enjoying the wildest nature of Lanzarote, learning how an eruption can change the landscape but also the affected population.

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- Liability insurance;

- Accident and rescue insurance;

- Guide and informative brochure about the environment;

- Gift at the end of the experience:

- Professional hiking guide



Hiking at Caldera Blanca

From our meeting point we start walking on the remains of lava flows and volcanic ash of the Timanfaya volcanoes; step by step we get closer to the crater of La Caldereta where we'll discover what the crop fields in Lanzarote were like before the eruptions began. We continue our hiking and climb Caldera Blanca reaching almost 500 meters of altitude where we will discover the largest crater on the island, with a diameter of more than 1000m.

A break to enjoy the views of the Timanfaya National Park, the island of La Graciosa and the islets of the Chinijo Archipelago before heading back.

You choose which association to allocate €1 for each participant in your reservation. The proceeds will go to the eco-bank of your choice.

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