Hiking through the oldest vine crops in Lanzarote

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  Duration: 2h 30m

  Wineries & vineyards, Volcanoes, Environmental Education

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Hiking through the oldest vine crops in Lanzarote

Lanzarote: hiking, vine crops and volcanoes

Escaping the crowded areas to take refuge in the most authentic nature of Lanzarote. A route through the least known vineyard area of ​​the island, but with the same magic and beauty.

Come and discover where vine cultivation began and the reasons that led the farmers of Lanzarote to start in Masdache.

From our meeting point, we begin a fascinating experience through an impressive and characteristic landscape in Lanzarote. A route between vineyards surrounded by volcanoes. As we advance, we will witness the greatness of the Timanfaya volcanoes during their eruption three centuries ago and we will be surprised at how life returns after a natural disaster such as the Timanfaya eruptions.

This hiking adventure will allow you to connect with the essence of Lanzarote, immerse yourself in its extraordinary landscape and discover the traditions rooted in the island's wine production.

Come join us in this unforgettable experience!

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The particular vine crops in Lanzarote

From the meeting point we start walking along a dirt track until we begin to surround the Juan Bello volcano. Step by step we enter a spectacular volcanic environment, where lava, ashes, and lichens are the main protagonists of the area.

Near the volcano we begin to discover the peculiar cultivation of the vine: holes in the middle of ashes where the green vines are in the background and surrounded by stone walls. A perfect symmetry in the middle of the volcanic black will make us understand even more the great work of the farmers of Lanzarote.

Touring the island's vineyards, surrounded by volcanoes and nature in its purest form, is connecting with the essence of Lanzarote and its people. During the walk we’ll do a stop at one of the wineries of the area for the wintasting

A simple walk, without technical difficulties and with hardly any unevenness, perfect for the whole family.


Keep on enjoying Lanzarote

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