Papagayo beaches: history, traditions and amazing landscapes

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  Duration: 3h

  For families, At sunset, The coast

  Activity to enjoy Playa Blanca, Yaiza

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Papagayo beaches: history, traditions and amazing landscapes

Hiking on the beaches in Lanzarote

Embark on an exciting adventure along the Papagayo beaches, where the past comes alive.

Discover the history of the Conquest of the Canary Islands, delve into the production of lime in Lanzarote and explore the economic evolution of the island. Do all this while enjoying the most emblematic beaches of Lanzarote, immersing yourself in the natural beauty that surrounds you and discovering the authentic traditions of the island.

To put the finishing touch on this experience, relax and savor the authentic local flavors in an unforgettable gastronomic stop.

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- Liability insurance;

- Accident and rescue insurance;

- Guide and informative brochure about the environment;

- Gift at the end of the experience;

- Tapas of local products (food & 1 drink included)



Hiking and beaches in Lanzarote

From our meeting point we start walking along the coast, the southernmost part of the island, within the Los Ajaches Massif.

It is a round trip, suitable for the whole family and lasting approximately 3 hours, where we will go from one cove to another discovering different milestones of the island's culture and history:

- a lime kiln: we will talk about the importance of lime in the economy and society of Lanzarote
- some wells of indigenous origin improved by the Normans after the conquest
- the place of the first Norman settlement in the Canary Islands.

Back to Playa Blanca we will make a gastronomic stop at one of the restaurants of the area

Keep on enjoying Lanzarote

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