The town of Femés: gastronomy, history and litterature

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  Duration: 2h

  At sunset, Valleys & Ravines, Connect with Lanzarote

  Activity to enjoy Femés, Ajaches

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The town of Femés: gastronomy, history and litterature

Far from the crowds: Femés and its history

This experience begins in the town of Femés, the same one that saw Mararia (main character of the novel written by Rafael Arozarena). walk through its streets. Our walk starts at the Femés viewpoint, a path full of discoveries and surprises that will make you feel forgotten sensations.

In just one kilometer, you will witness the majesty of the erosion of time in the Higueral valley and the basaltic formations that surround you. Don't be surprised if you come across friendly goats grazing on your way to the top. They are there, calm and opening the way for you to the most absolute tranquility of the Ajaches Massif, the oldest part of Lanzarote, with a lot of natural wealth and a great history.

Arriving at the hill, the surprises and emotions multiply. 

We climb to Pico de La Aceituna before having a break to delight the eyes and the palate.

An adventure in Lanzarote for all the senses.

At this time it is not available


Liability insurance;

Accident and rescue insurance;

Guide and informative brochure about the environment;

Picnic including gofio snack, local goat cheese, fig jam and Lanzarote wine;

Gift at the end of the experience




Already at our meeting point we begin to discover the origins of the town of Femés, strictly linked to the era of the Conquest of the Canary Islands, and of Lanzarote in particular.

It is here, next to the statue that was made in her honor, that we begin to talk about Mararia and her experiences. Malaria is the main character of a Spanish novel written by Rafael Arozarena.

After a brief introduction, we begin to climb towards the top, first passing through the livestock farm. Brief hold to regain energy and continue walking with the possibility of meeting some funny goat that makes way for us.

The trail surrounds the Higueral Valley that reaches Playa Quemada, the final part of Los Ajaches. We headed towards the southern slope to reach the hill.

It is here that we enjoy the spectacular landscapes of southern Lanzarote, with Fuerteventura as a unique background. From Maciot towards Playa Blanca in its entirety, also sighting the Janubio salt pans.

A small effort to reach the top of Pico de La Aceituna and then return to the hill to enjoy the flavors of Lanzarote while we discover a little more of the history of Mararia.

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